Next-generation enterprise-grade, secure cloud

Enterprise Claro Cloud provides peace of mind on your cloud journey. Our next-generation, enterprise-grade secure cloud can be part of a diverse infrastructure security exposure strategy.



Cloud is the place to start to foster innovation and enable digital transformation


Infrastructure agility and scalability that’s ready to grow with you.


Developer ready cloud for new, innovative applications with Kubernetes.


Legacy friendly infrastructure enabling lift-&-shift of VMs and applications with Vmware.


Protect your business data and improve security posture with our data centers.


Protect your business data and improve security posture with our data centers.


Part of a cloud diversified security risk surface strategy.


Enterprise Claro Cloud Platform and Technology

Integrated End to End Solution

Enterprise Claro Cloud is enabled by our robust cloud platform and built on a flexible, integrated technology stack providing a software-defined cloud with end-to-end security controls. Advanced automation enables a cost effective, easy to adopt, securely isolated virtual resources and cloud infrastructure.


Explore our products

Virtual Data Center

Isolated environment to deploy virtual machines to run applications in the cloud

Virtual Machines

Elastic virtual machines in the cloud

Horizontal Autoscaling – Coming Soon

Add or remove virtual machines to meet changes in demand

Vertical Autoscaling – Coming Soon

Add capacity to virtual machine to meet changes in demand

API Provisioning

Programmatically manage and create new infrastructure

Cloning Virtual Machines

Deploy multiple and identical virtual machines

Terraform provider

Manage Claro Cloud services as code

Block Storage

SSD backed block storage volumes


Copy of the virtual machine disk at a given point in time

Backup – Coming Soon

Backup virtual machine and Kubernetes clusters

Object Storage – Coming Soon

Scalable S3-compatible object and file storage

Kubernetes Native

Virtual machine based upstream Kubernetes clusters

Managed Kubernetes with Tanzu© – Coming Soon

Kubernetes clusters including logging, registry, networking, storage, OS, and Cluster API-driven lifecycle management

Containers Application Catalog – Coming Soon

Curated catalog of production-ready application images can be deploy on containers

T1 Edge Gateway

Manage internal and external software defined networks

IPSec & L2 VPN

Secure access to cloud resources

Routing & Switching

NAT, DHCP and distributed routing services

Advanced Load Balancer – Coming Soon

Distribute incoming traffic to ensure a fast and scalable application experience

MPLS Direct Access

High performance dedicated connection to your cloud resources


VeloCloud virtual Edge to extend your SD-WAN network to your cloud infrastructure


Network security to protect north-south traffic

Distributed Firewall

Isolation and micro-segmentation to improve security with in your Virtual Data Center

DDoS Protection

Active guarding against illegitimate network traffic that seeks to impact performance and availability

Two-Factor Authentication Access

Protect your account with both password and your phone


Fast, reliable, scalable, and easy to use open source relational database

Microsoft SQL Server©

Develop relational database system by Microsoft©


Open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data


High-performance, and document-oriented NoSQL database


High performance open source SQL relational database


Object-relational database for reliability and data integrity


Advanced key-value store


Store your data with JSON documents. Access your documents with your web browser

Migration as a Service – Coming Soon

Full onboarding and migration capabilities from a single administration interface

Disaster Recovery Service – Coming Soon

Scalable and cost-effective business continuity solution

Integrate Code

Develop infrastructure through code with applications such as Terraform Provider

DevOps Ecosystem

Host code, build, test, and deploy your applications on Claro Cloud

Machine Learning

Build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale


Metric analytics and visualization suite for visualizing time series data

Big Data

Quickly and easily process vast amounts of data for data engineering, data science development, and collaboration

Deploy Services

Implement, manage, configure your infrastructure resources in the cloud, under your terms and needs

Store Artifacts

Reliable open source cloud native registry for storing, signing and scanning content, adding security, identity and management


Visualize, analyze, and troubleshoot your entire software stack in one curated, unified platform


Monitor infrastructure, resources and applications in real time

Health Dashboard

Personalized view of cloud service health

Business Support

24x7 access to technical support from engineers, access to Health API, and guidance for your use-cases

Remote Managed Services – Coming Soon

Technical advice and general architectural guidance as you build and test. Available during business hours

Managed Services – Coming Soon

Claro Cloud helps you operate your infrastructure more efficiently and safely, through a specialized technical team

Migration Assistance

Track migrations to Cloud in a single place

On-Demand Pricing

Complete cost control and transparency

1 vCPU

Intel R Core TM

per unit per month


per hour

1 GB Storage

Premium SSD

per 30 days

1 GB Outgoing Traffic

Free incoming & internal traffic


Receive a discount on your Enterprise Claro Cloud services by purchasing Resource Pools with a specific usage commitment for a one-, two- or three-year period to help reduce your costs by up to 21%

Claro Cloud Calculator

Estimate the cost for your architecture solution

Ready for Modern Applications & Operations

Enterprise Claro Cloud enables the rapid deployment both traditional and modern cloud-native applications on the same infrastructure stack - addressing the needs of both operators, developers, and DevOps.


Customer Stories

Antioquía Joyas

Mari Castillo

Historia en donde se cuenta el caso de éxito de Pedro, con antecedentes de cómo llegó a necesitar las soluciones de la nube, su aplicación en logros para ejemplificar porque es un caso de éxito.

Antioquía Joyas 2

Mari Castillo

Historia en donde se cuenta el caso de éxito de Pedro, con antecedentes de cómo llegó a necesitar las soluciones de la nube, su aplicación en logros para ejemplificar porque es un caso de éxito.