Business Cloud Server

Design your auto scaling capacity
and only pay for what you use

Pay As You Go

Cloud migration is vital to keeping your business competitive as well as essential to delivering an excellent user experience

At US Claro Cloud, we offer a dynamic virtual server, allowing you to store and host applications, files and data consistent with the product features. Services are contracted, so charges are accrued per hour with no minimum commitment. By providing solid and low-demand IT infrastructure, we help support an overarching system of software solutions.

Technical Features

Simple experience, reliable performance and high security:

  • Virtual servers compatible with Intel/AMD technology.
  • On-demand computing resources (vCPU, RAM, Hard Drive).
  • Auto scaling.
  • Programmable backup copies (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Internal virtual firewall.
  • API access.
  • Load balancing.
  • Cloud control panel access.
  • Web dashboard.
  • Real-time resource monitoring.


Why using Business Cloud Server with US Claro Cloud?


All US Claro Cloud infrastructure is protected against denial-of-service attacks (DDoS).


US Claro Cloud has a certified data center with specialized personnel and 24/7 trilingual support (English, Spanish and Portuguese).


Pay per use model based on hourly contracted services, with 30-day payment terms.


High-capacity virtual disks (Virtual-SAN with SSD level), up-to-date operating systems, native redundancy and high-speed, dedicated 40-Gbps network.

Plans and Pricing

Choose a plan according to your needs

Cloud Server or Container - Small

Increase or decrease the capacities according to your needs.

  • Processing 1 vCPU
  • RAM 1 vGB
  • Storage 50 GB
  • 1 Public IP Address
  • 10Mbps unmetered bandwidth


Cloud Server or Container - Medium

Increase or decrease the capacities according to your needs.

  • Processing 2 vCPU
  • RAM 4 vGB
  • Storage 80 GB
  • 1 Public IP Address
  • 10Mbps unmetered bandwidth


Cloud Server or Container - Large

Increase or decrease the capacities according to your needs.

  • Processing 2 vCPU
  • RAM 8 vGB
  • Storage 200 GB
  • 1 Public IP Address
  • 10Mbps unmetered bandwidth



What are Virtual Business Servers?

They are dynamic virtual servers that store and host apps, files and data in accordance with the defined features and limits of your service plan.

What Virtual Business Server options are available?

In the Virtual Business Server's technical structure, load balancers, backup copies and replicas/models are made available. Virtual Business Servers corresponding to a single subscription are available in a private virtual network segment (VLAN) and may be connected to a shared public network segment.

How are charges calculated?

The unit of measurement and price allocation for any contracted service rendered is 1 (one) hour. Services rendered for short intervals and fractions of 1 (one) hour, will be charged as 1 complete hour. For example, if a contracted service is rendered for 10 minutes, the usage will be charged as 1 (one) complete hour. If the server is kept turned off, 100% of the value / hour of the selected disk will be charged, and only 50% of the value / hour of the memory and vCPU resources.

What are the advantages of using US Claro Cloud platform vs my company’s own servers?

When you purchase this service, you turn investment costs into operating costs without the need for financing. The Virtual Business Servers resource offers maximum computing power to meet all your needs, providing service when you need it and instantly increasing computing capacities. Our platform comes with a specialized customer support team fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, available 24/7, 365 days a year and is all conveniently charged to your Claro invoice.

What is the difference between Virtual Server and Virtual Business Server?

A Virtual Server is a virtual machine with available computer resources that are "dependent" or coupled to one another and can only be provided within a Virtual Data Center. Virtual Business Servers, on the other hand, are virtual machines in which the computer resources (responsible for processing, storage and network layers) are available independently, permitting multiple configurations.

What is the SLA for this solution?

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) for the Virtual Business Server is 99.5%. This percentage corresponds to the level of availability of virtualization resources such as vCPU, RAM memory and disk space, supplied to a Virtual Business Server, as well as its Internet connectivity consistent with contracted bandwidth. It is important to emphasize that the SLA does not include improper changes or configurations that might be made by a customer directly to the operating system.

How do I contact technical support?

Claro offers a specialized support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, simply by calling +1-833-552-5276.

What are the Operating System requirements?

The operating systems supported by Virtual Business Servers are: Windows 2008 Entreprise R2, Windows 2012 R2, CentOs 7.1 and Ubuntu 14.04.

How does the Backup tool work?

Virtual Business Servers have an integrated backup tool, which makes a copy of the entire virtual machine, and from the Cloud control panel you will be able to administer execution frequency (daily, weekly or monthly).